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7 Ways Financial Advisors Can Increase Engagement Through Email

New methods of reaching clients and clients are being developed by entrepreneurs today. The number of ways to reach clients and attract people has increased so rapidly these days that it can’t even be counted on one hand. Though the world is advancing rapidly, there is still a place for traditional methods of reaching out to people. Among those methods is email marketing. Even if you already personalize your emails to some degree, such as addressing clients by name, there’s still room for improvement.

To get better results from your email marketing, you can incorporate the following personalization tactics:

1. Ask the Right Questions
Make sure you ask the right questions on your sign-up forms to understand what your audience and leads want. Financial advisory firms, for example, could ask questions such as:

  • What encouraged you to reach out to us?
  • Do you have any experience with financial planning? If so, how much and what has been your approach?
  • What would a successful client-advisor relationship look and feel like to you?

2. Create Personalized Subject Lines
Currently, the average open rate for emails in the financial services industry is 24.8%, but if you personalize your emails, you’ll see the huge impact it can create. According to research, personalized subject lines increase opening rates by 26%.

An excellent email marketing tip is to include individual names in your greeting and subject line when you send out email messages. To make your emails more personal, you can add the company’s name, the industry, or a topic you are interested in.

3. Discuss Current Events and Provide Relevant Articles
Keeping up with new and exciting trends and events in the world and your industry will make it easier for you to take advantage of them. No matter what upcoming holiday, world event, or silly national everyone wants to talk about, it is an opportunity for your email marketing. By tapping into current events, you can share your company’s message with others. Use current trends to reach out to more people and let them know about your company.

4. Build Client Personas
Walking in your clients’ shoes is one of the best methods of determining what they want. Buyer personas offer exactly that opportunity. A buyer persona is simply a profile of your ideal client. Depending on your ideal client’s demographics, gender, income, and any other characteristics you want, you can create a persona. Based on this example, you can segment your clients who match or closely resemble their profile.

By creating buyer personas, you can create an experience for your clients that is customized. This approach allows you to envision your clients’ needs precisely at the right time. After all, that is what personalization is all about.

5. Use the Data You Have
Having a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t is a key path to improving your email marketing. As you analyze the data in your email marketing platform, you can determine the percentage of people who open your emails, what they click on, what offers they opened, and how well they convert to sales. Furthermore, you can compare the performance of different campaigns and see what kind of messaging resonates with your audience.

By analyzing this data, you can find out which individuals are actively engaged. Personalized promotions and offers can be offered if you want to follow up with them. Providing rewards for active audience members encourages people to act.

6. Mark Milestones
Another effective email personalization method is to mark client milestones.

By recognizing your clients’ achievements, you show them your appreciation. This leads to a greater sense of client engagement and makes them feel appreciated. Some milestones you might want to remember are a client’s first anniversary with you or their birthday.

7. Utilize Imagery
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Images have the power to convey more than hundreds of words.

In today’s world, skimming emails on the go is essential, but it’s not just about keeping your messages brief. Visuals can influence your customers in more ways than you might imagine. By adding imagery to emails, advisors can create an emotional connection with clients, influencing their behavior and potentially influencing purchase decisions.

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