Our Story

Every morning,

I woke up with anxiety and fear before I drank my first cup of coffee. I’d look up at the walls to photos of family and friends, with my Economics degree nearby asking myself, ‘Where did the past 6 years go?’. With two dogs scrambling at my feet, the stress of meeting the expectations of every employer I worked with caused me to reevaluate my needs and values. The idea that only financial advisors were given the flexibility and benefits of remote work seemed unfair to back-office professionals who worked just as hard, or dare I say – harder.

As someone who has led multiple non-profit dispersed teams, biked across country riding 60-100 miles per day raising money for cancer patients, loved to scuba dive off the coasts of Mexico, and who is a proud AmeriCorps and alpha Kappa Delta Phi alumna, I was nothing less of an ambitious millennial who was passionate to serve others, help the environment, and do meaningful work – which is the main reason I absolutely adore the wealth management/financial planning industry.

After a rough morning, I secretly made a list at my desk. A list of my top values I wanted to exercise every, single, day that I narrowed down from twenty to only five. The five things were having the freedom to travel, be creative, to serve others, to be bigger than myself, and to be more present. As I practiced minimalism, I wondered why offices were created when I had a perfect home and computer that was used less than 50% despite the full month’s rent I paid a few days earlier. In return, offices also remained dark once the work day was over. As a scrappy and conscious millennial, it made perfect sense to bring my work home.

That’s where Nifty came to be.

Michelle J. Wong
Founded Nifty Advisor Support in April 2018


Our Mission

Our mission is to foster an inclusive environment for learning, collaboration, and growth within the financial planning industry that caters to multiple careers, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the industry leader in virtual and sustainable business solutions for financial advisors and professionals.