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What Our Day Looks Like

  • 100% Remote always and forever
  • Work from anywhere in the United States
  • Flexible schedule between 9am to 5pm Eastern Time
  • Spend an unnecessary amount of time tossing a taco (emoji) to your team members!
  • Collaborate with others that love serving, creating, and learning together
  • Wear sweats and t-shirts (almost) every day


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What Nifty Says

Testimonials from Nifty team members and alumni

“After working in a really tough, stressful, anxiety-provoking work environment, I thought I wouldn’t ever want to have a boss again. When I started working for Nifty, Michelle showed me that not every job has to be the way I imagined it was.”

Kelsey Van Wagoner

“The experience and knowledge I gained from working at Nifty has helped me grow my career beyond my expectations. The team is very friendly and willing to support each other.”

Stephanie Hidalgo

“Working at Nifty is truly an amazing experience. The company is incredibly supportive, allowing me to be myself while trusting me to handle clients and take charge of tasks without micromanagement. It’s refreshing to work for a business that values trust, flexibility, and a positive culture. Unlike other companies that promote overworking and limit employee input, Nifty’s culture is open and encourages a healthy work-life balance. I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

Lauryn Dixon

“Since the beginning Nifty has given a sense of belongingness. Working with some of the brightest and hardworking people the Nifty team has provided unsaid support without putting each other down. The company has clear values and goals which keeps me professionally motivated and the work friendly culture has helped me in having a work-life balance.”

Shubhani Rathi

“Our Nifty team members help each other out and encourage one another all the time.  There is such a feeling of acceptance of each other and camaraderie within the group that after spending only 24 hours at our first team retreat, I told Michelle, ‘This feels like a family.'”

Stuart McLemore

“Joining the Nifty Team has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career thus far. I’ve been in this industry since 2018 and have not experienced a culture that compares. I am constantly shown appreciation and support by my team which solidifies the emotional connection in this remote environment. Although we service different RIAs, we are able to lean on each other in various capacities that enhance our knowledge base collectively. Servicing multiple RIAs has given me the opportunity to expand my skills by doing tasks I’ve never done before via a new tech stack. I leave each day feeling empowered and confident in my work and how my team operates as a whole.”

Janelle Manalili

“The work culture at Nifty rocks! Grateful to Michelle and the perfectly-sized, talented team for this! Perks include a flexible schedule, group brainstorming, working collectively as a team by drawing on each others’ strengths whenever necessary, almost daily random break room slack discussions and laughs on a wide range of topics, the game sessions, and the online virtual parties with pizza delivered.”

Nita Mukherjee