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3 Ways To Measure Workflow Efficiency

Every organization relies heavily on workflows. They make sure processes such as sending purchase orders or onboarding new employees follow the same structure. Changing a workflow, such as automating steps, digitizing forms, or simply eliminating obsolete tasks, can have a dramatic effect on the efficiency of work (and productivity).

The question is, how can your workflows be made more efficient? Discover three strategies to make your workflow more efficient by reading on.

1. Measuring Clicks
Clicks allow you to measure specific actions users take on your website and to understand how your marketing messages are being received.

By measuring website clicks, you will gain valuable insight into your visitors’ behavior. The behavior of visitors can tell you whether they understand how to navigate your site, whether they respond to your call-to-actions, and if they scroll down to view more of your content.

2. Measuring Time
By tracking time, you can identify the problems within your business and develop strategies to improve your productivity. The data collected over time can help you analyze your teams’ time management skills and determine whether they help you reach your business goals.

In addition to an improvement in profitability, tracking time also sets clear objectives and allows for a higher amount of productivity.

3. Measure Input And Output
Input and output metrics are essential to creating strategic plans, identifying goals, and establishing priorities. During weekly meetings, you want to be able to have an agenda – what needs to be discussed? Performance metrics show you what needs to be done to turn a profit.

A leading indicator of your output metrics is your input metrics. It is possible for input metrics to change. Using an input metric is essential to guiding your marketing efforts towards improving your output metric. Outputting the right results is the key to a successful business. A revenue metric is most likely your output metric for e-commerce, while active users are most likely the output metric for engagement-based businesses like social networks. You should calculate output metrics with precision and they are usually unchanging.

Overall, workflows can improve accountability and streamline the way work gets done. However, as your business grows, workflows may not be as efficient. Are you looking for a way to reduce your inefficiencies in your workflow and organize your work? Shoot us an email! We’d be happy to help.

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