With an initial career path to be a financial advisor, Michelle J. Wong, Founder of Nifty Advisor Support, discovered herself enjoying the technical, operational, and project management skills it took to successfully support Registered Investment Advisors.


With an eagerness to own a business and a lack of fulfillment from traditional financial career paths, Michelle knew there was a better way to support financial advisors that also allowed her to share her talent for creativity and innovation for the RIA community that she continuously showed internally but was never able to share due to job limitations.


Described as brave, ambitious, and an “out-of-the-box” thinker, Michelle started Nifty Advisor Support to help underserved Registered Investment Advisors succeed as small business owners who struggle with limited resources and a low talent pool for industry-specific client support.


Nifty Advisor Support is changing how financial advisors use and retain industry talent by providing our support solution as an option for long-term growth. We create an alliance with Registered Investment Advisors based on the values of creativity, dedication, and service.


We believe in holistic client experiences from attracting the prospect, responding to the initial inquiry, navigating client onboarding, staying on top of ongoing maintenance and assisting with financial planning. We reimagine what it means to have reliable support to RIAs everywhere so you can worry less and spend more time doing what you love.

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