Your return of investment starts with your operations.

In a fast-paced industry, successful operational professionals lead with ambition and curiosity along with the ability to adapt to any changes your custodian throws at you. With a whole lot of savviness mixed in with a  little bit of sweat, our team supports the most critical functions of any financial planning and investment management firm.

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*Beginning January 2022, we will only onboard new Client Servicing clients in May, August, November, and February on a first-come, first-serve basis. After an inquiry call or joining a Monthly Q&A, you will have the opportunity to join a waitlist for off-months in the event we decide to onboard during the months aside from the ones listed above.


Why we're different

Our team receives:
  • Specialized training and demos from established and up-and-coming fintech providers and custodians
  • Internal ongoing training and development
  • Critical everyday operational support through Slack
  • Troubleshooting assistance with technology or paperwork
  • Advisor relationship support
  • Fun and flexible work schedule
  • Emphasis on work and life balance

We're so much more than admin

The few tasks we CANNOT assist with:

  • We are not a receptionist service, but we can refer reputable receptionist services if you'd like. It's just not our wheelhouse.

  • We cannot trade investments as we do not hold the necessary licenses.

  • We cannot run finger-printed background checks to be associated with a broker-dealer. It creates conflict of interest for our existing clients and creates additional liability.

  • We cannot qualify prospects for advisors.

The critical tasks we CAN assist with:

  • We can be front-office or back-office! We're usually front-office for RIAs that do not currently have an operations person and back-office for larger firms that have an established operations team or a COO who already runs the show. Clients love us and advisors want to be us!

  • We love financial planning only firms, but we thrive best with firms who offer investment management since we speak the same lingo as your custodian (and, we enjoy it!).

  • Fintech, custodial paperwork, meeting prep, meeting follow up, client communication, admin support, we can do it all!

  • Primary custodian experience includes Charles Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, and SEI.

  • Electronic signatures are our jam.

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Your amazing virtual assistant is waiting

  • Dedicated client servicing virtual assistant
  • Minimum of 12-hours per month for $65 per hour (by retainer)
  • Excess hours above retainer amount for $80 per excess hour
  • Retainer hours do not rollover
  • Requires only monthly commitment