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Applicants in the waiting room

Hiring is scary, but it doesn't have to be

Apply talent management and inclusion best practices to find the perfect team member. By working alongside us, save time and minimize risk throughout the entire recruiting process.


Can hire for full time, part time, remote, and in-person roles

'Your Nifty Fit' Recruiting includes:

  • One blind job posting

  • Firm and job description review

  • Selection of top three candidates

  • Top candidate profiles describing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for training and advancement

  • Upon hire, unlimited email support for 90 days

  • Upon hire, free training plan for your selected hire

  • Requires upfront deposit of $5,000, then 15% of annual gross salary upon hire

"After working in a really tough, stressful, anxiety-provoking work environment, I thought I wouldn't ever want to have a boss again. When I started working for Nifty, Michelle showed me that not every job has to be the way I imagined it was."


- Kelsey Van Wagoner

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