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Our case studies are based on

real Nifty Advisors with alias names.

Adam, the novice brand new advisor (>10 clients)

Adam spent 5 years as an advisor with a large broker-dealer in New York City. While he enjoyed being a financial planner, he recently obtained his CFP designation and was motivated to start his own RIA so he can serve his clients how he imagined in their own best interests instead of selling products. While he was familiar with typical processes, he didn't have any direct experience operating as an RIA and managing clients and processes on his own as he mainly used the client servicing support his broker-dealer provided. Adam knew he needed guidance. Adam inquired with Nifty to develop his marketing plan, strategize his social media, help implement his own processes, prepare paperwork for his transition, ensure he has his compliance files organized, and help every client be entered into MoneyGuidePro. Adam felt relieved he had Nifty by his side during the entire process and continues to use Nifty for client-facing support since Nifty was familiar with his entire process and for ongoing support.

Judy and Rebecca, the planner and unhappy admin

Judy hired Rebecca as an in-house client service associate 2 years ago with the goal to develop her to a financial planner. Unfortunately, Judy's financial planning firm has grown more quickly than expected and Rebecca ends up working 50 hours a week managing client administrative tasks. While Rebecca is unhappy, Judy is also having trouble searching for talent with Rebecca's caliber. Judy falls upon Nifty's Facebook Page and inquires for immediate help. Knowing Nifty's short onboarding process and familiarity with her existing systems such as Wealthbox, Charles Schwab, and eMoney, Judy hires Nifty to help offload client tasks so Rebecca can spend her time analyzing and building plans. In less than one week, Rebecca is thrilled she is finally able to become a financial planner just like Judy promised. Judy continues to utilize Nifty to help onboard new advisors and reach her dream of growing to a 10-person advisory firm!

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Joe, the established solo advisor (>100 clients)

Joe is the financial advisor every new advisor admires. He has a successful financial planning practice and loves serving his clients. While he enjoys working with clients, he finds himself losing precious time handling paperwork and NIGOs. With long hold times and juggling multiple back-office tasks such as client servicing and paraplanning on a daily basis, Joe finds himself exhausted. Joe seeked Nifty's help to help manage his CRM, complete paperwork, manage his custodial work, and help onboarding clients by analyzing financial planning documents and inputting them into RightCapital and eMoney. With more time to dedicate towards serving his client base, he spends less time on the phone and saves time to do what he loves.

Mike, the traveling lifestyle advisor (50-60 clients)

Mike is a financial advisor who loves to travel. While he meets with clients throughout the year in his local hometown, he wants to travel a couple of months throughout the year. While he was worried about managing his clients while on vacation with limited communication, he wanted a virtual solution that gave him flexibility throughout the year to travel without having to take care of an employee in-house. Luckily, Mike found Nifty through an advisor business development forum for solo advisors. Mike now works with Nifty to help manage everyday marketing and client requests on an ongoing basis. He even utilizes Nifty for internal tasks and business development tasks while he is away to ensure he fills his retainer hours.

Brad, Jim, and Diana, 3-person firm with no support

These three musketeers are financial planners turned best friends. Each with a solid book of business, it's common to see all three juggling marketing, client servicing, and planning tasks throughout their day. With a desire to streamline their support without breaking the bank, CEO Jim Banks views Michelle's social media post about Nifty and her Nifty services. Jim speaks with Michelle and admires Nifty's team and a collaborative approach to serving prospects and clients. Similar to their own firm, they value Nifty's depth of expertise and even consider's Nifty their operation gurus behind the scenes. Nifty now works daily with each advisor on requests they might need without having to worry about managing an entire marketing, operations, and planning team - and all three feel supported when they need it!