The Paraplanning Plus Program is an advanced planning service that time-constrained financial planners can utilize who need comprehensive high-quality support from credentialed CFP® professionals.

Our Paraplanning Plus Program includes:

  • Planning process and firm review
  • Plan development using your existing planning software
  • Preliminary recommendations
  • Scenario creation and analysis
  • Planning opportunities
  • Investment and planning research

Am I a good fit for the Paraplanning Plus Program?

You're a new or established financial advisor that values diverse opinions from other CFP(r) professionals. You're looking for help managing incoming and existing financial plans without sacrificing the quality of your client experience. Even you don't necessarily want to hire an in-house financial planner, you want someone who supports you with robust analysis and scenario creation when you feel consistently overwhelmed.

What is the difference between

Core Paraplanning and the Paraplanning Plus Program?

Core Paraplanning revolves around technical support, such as data entry and managing planning systems, while our Paraplanning Plus Program revolves around in-depth analysis and plan development. Beginning in April 2020, you have the choice to join Nifty for Core Paraplanning or our Paraplanning Plus Program. If you choose to partner with Nifty in both services, you will receive a special discount off retainer pricing!