We are guided by top professionals in the wealth management industry

to ensure we uphold the highest standards for our small business.

Damian Gallina, CFA


Buttonwood Financial Advisors

Baltimore, Maryland

Shaun Kapusinski, MBA, HCS

Director, Technology & Operations

Sequoia Financial Group

Wadsworth, Ohio

Marguerita Cheng, CFP®, CRPC®, RICP®, CDFA®

Chief Executive Officer

Blue Ocean Global Wealth

Washington, D.C.

Erik Evans, CFP®

Shaun M. Eddy, CFP®, MSFA, AIF®

Financial Planner

Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Owner, CEO
Oxford Planning Group, LLC

Woodstock, Maryland

*Board members listed above do not have any decision making capabilities within Nifty Advisor Support, LLC and do not have any board compensation agreements.